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The work table model allows you to have full access into the Pull Out unit from all sides, whether it is in your truck, your garage or at a job site. It can be customized to fit the particular needs of anyone. It can be used to store and transport any tools, materials or equipment. The Pull Out can also be transformed into a workstation, providing a sturdy level surface on which to work. The Pull Out also helps to better organize your tools and equipment.

The work table Pull Out unit replaces all of the old saw horses. Now you can used an all new stainless steel work table at the job site for years of services. As for the setup, pull the work table out of the truck and it’s ready to go that is it!

Can be loaded or unloaded in minutes
Can be used with existing pickup truck tool box
Provides stable, heavy duty on-site working area
Easily organize your tools and equipment
Fully water resistant
One person can insert and remove the Pull Out
Approximately 20 to 50 cubic feet of storage room
The Pull Out is a mobile stainless steel flat work table, allowing a craftsman to move everything he or she needs for the job, including tools and parts directly to the job site with minimal effort
The Pull Out enhances the user's productivity.
The Pull Out allows the work vehicle to be used for other purposes with total hauling capacity.
The Pull Out eliminates trips to and from the vehicle.


The work table Pull Out unit can be customized to fit the particular needs of the user. As an empty utility work table, it can be used to store materials, tools or anything else. The unit pulls out leaving the pick-up truck free for other uses. The Pull Out work table can be transformed into a tailored workstation; and, it can be outfitted with a variety of tools and equipment to fit the needs of the user or anything else the user can imagine putting into it. The side panels can be added to turn the work table into a box for storing items.

Dimensions - Flat Table Unit
Jack legs: Manual worm gear legs

Unit Size Width Length Height Weight
8 foot 48" 94" 4" 200 Lbs.
6 foot 48" 70" 4" 175 Lbs.
4 foot 40" 70" 4" 150 Lbs.


The Manual Jack is used to manually lower and raise the Pull Out unit jack legs.

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"Stainless Steel Flat Table Unit"
In which the unit is flat to work on,
like a table with saw horses.

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