Introducing a revolutionary new advancement in the field of pick-up truck bed technology. The pull out is a mobile tool/utility box. It is fully removable,completely portable and height adjustable.

In short, a dynamic work station!! It fits in the back of a pick-up truck and when removed, stands on legs and wheels which lower to the ground, either manually or electrically. The pull out unit is loaded in or out of the truck by one person!!!


The pull out comes in two different models:

  1. "Side Door Unit" The doors are hinged from the side and open to drop down to the sides of the pull out, with one door having an access door cut into it.
  2. "Center Door Unit" The doors are hinged from the center of the pull out and open upward in gal wing style.

What can the Pull Out do for you!

The pull out provides today's contractor, carpenter, mechanic or general pick-up truck user with the ultimate utility box. A utility box the moves easily on and off the pick-up truck in less then three minutes. It frees up the pickup truck for other uses. It can be outfitted for any trade or profession. Perfect for everyone from the contractor to the handyman. The pull out units work with most existing tool boxes already on your truck.



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Center Door Unit
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Side Door Unit

The pull out will be shown at the largest gathering of Automotive Industry Professionals in the world...
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