Introducing a revolutionary new advancement in the field of pick-up truck bed technology.

The Pull Out is a mobile tool/utility box. It is fully removable,completely portable and height adjustable. In short, a dynamic work station! It fits in the back of a pick-up truck and when removed, stands on legs and wheels which lower to the ground, either manually or hydraulically by remote control.

The Pull Out unit can be loaded in or out of the truck by one person!!!


A large, stainless steel mobile utility box that fits into the bed of a pick-up truck and when removed, stands on hydraulic legs with wheels so that it can be easily moved to any location. Organizing and transporting tools to a job site has never been easier. Full Details


The work table Pull Out unit  replaces all of the old saw horses. Now you can used an all new stainless steel work table at the job site for years of services. As for the setup, pull the work table out of the truck and it’s ready to go that is it! Full Details