Can be loaded or unloaded in less than 3 minutes
Can be used with existing pickup truck tool box
Provides stable, heavy duty on-site working area
Easily organize your tools and equipment
Fully lockable and water resistant
One person can insert and remove the Pull Out
Approximately 30 cubic feet of storage room

Introducing the pull out® Side Door Model, a large, mobile utility box that fits into the bed of a pick-up truck and when removed, stands on sturdy legs with wheels so that it can be easily moved to any location. Organizing and transporting tools to a job site has never been easier.

The side door model of the pull out® has one access door and provides two worktables that fold out for your convenience. It
can be customized to fit the particular needs of anyone. It can be used to store and transport any tools, materials or equipment. The pull out® can also be transformed into a workstation, providing a sturdy level surface on which to work. The pull out® also helps to better organize your tools and equipment. 

"Side Door Unit" The doors are hinged from the side and open to drop down to the sides of the pull out, with one door having an access door cut into it.    
The average weight of a pull out unit is between 250 and 500 lbs. depending on the model ordered.
All pull out units are painted with powdered coat.
The standard pull out color for all units is yellow, custom colors are an accessory item.
All aluminum doors are 1/8" diamond plate
The steel body is 14 and 16 gauge steel.
All hardware is stainless steel or chrome plated steel.
The dimensions of pull out units come in 8', 6', 4' x 48" or 40" x 18" deep.
Cargo Space from 20 to 50 cubic feet, depending on model.

The pull out® is the perfect utility box for everyone. In less than three minutes, the pull out® can be easily loaded or unloaded from the back of your truck. No longer will you have to make numerous trips back and forth from your truck onto a work site, wasting valuable time and energy hauling tools and equipment. With the pull out®, its one and done!

One person can unload the pull out®. With its sturdy, drop down legs with wheels, the pull out® can easily be unloaded from your truck by just one person. The pull out® can then be rolled anywhere it is needed at a job site. Plus, the back of your truck is now empty, freeing up valuable space in your bed to transport other equipment and materials. 

The design of the pull out® is simple and unique. It is the truly the mobile toolbox and work station for today's busy craftsperson of the 21st century.


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